Wednesday, January 27, 2010

RAK Giveaway Winners!

I would like to thank again all the wonderful people who put their names down for my RAK giveaway, I felt very honoured that soo many of you would like to own a finished piece by me.  However, and unfortunately, there can only be 3 names picked.  All names went into a basket and so without further ado the 3 recipients of a finished cross stitched item by me are:

Lisa S - Lisa's Cross Stitch Paradise

Ellen - Cross Stitch Passion

Stephanie - Striving for a Simple Life

Ladies if you could all send me an email with your details and also a list of some favourite designers to help me in choosing a design for you that would be great.  When I receive your emails I will then email you back individually. (my email is in my blog profile)
Many Thanks again everyone

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Unveiling!

I am soo excited to share with you all my latest framed pieces.  Its been a long time waiting as they were completed quite some months ago but I have been saving for the framing since.

I was over the moon when I collected them as they looked even better than I imagined.  I have to do a huge shout out to Suzanne who helped me finish off the stitching on the fish design, which started off as a robin and came back incomplete.  Thank you soo much Suzanne, I appreciate your hard work and lovely stitching and if not for you I'm sure this piece would still be in the UFO pile.

The Prairie Schooler one looks amazing in real life, the frame really suits it well.  As the design is portraying woodland animals I wanted the frame to have a real woody/forest look to it.

Thank you to all the lovely stitchers out there that have put their name down for my RAK giveaway.  The deadline is now up and registration is now CLOSED.  I will do a draw today and hopefully have names up on the blog tomorrow.  Good luck everyone.
I also wanted to share this picture of a wonderful giveaway I won on Margarets blog.  It was for a cute little angel pendant and Margaret included some extras too.  Thank you Margaret, I will enjoy, especially the darling snowman post-it notes who Margaret hopes will make me feel cooler in the stinking hot temperatures I am suffering in here in Perth!  Love it!

Happy Australia Day to all my fellow Aussie stitchers and readers.
Until next time, happy stitching.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ornie & A Finish For ME!

Hi everyone, I hope the majority of you out there are enjoying your lovely cold winters.  I must say I am struggling through our rather horrid summer at the moment, we have had some shocking scorching days going above 40 degrees that cause horrible headaches as the heat is just stifling hot.  I am pretty much a hermit in my own home on days like that, I only want to be where an aircon is and thats it. 

Anyway, on to some recent finishes.  This is the ornie that I sent to Sharon for our Private Ornament exchange group.  He is a freebie design on Erynne's blog and just a delight to stitch.  He was stitched using a Gentle Art thread called "Royal Purple" and backed with snowmen fabric.  I put the christmas lights in each corner for something different.

And my next finish is one I stitched for myself.  Its LHN's Abc123 and its stitched on a piece of hand dyed linen that I was sent in an exchange.  I love how this one turned out, I'm just deciding on whether to frame it or make it into a flatfold.

Speaking of framing, I am going to pick up 2 pieces today from the framers.  I'm soo excited and cant wait to see how they look.  I will show pictures when they arrive home.

Until next time dear stitching friends, take care and happy stitching

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lizzie Kate Finishes

I was the co-ordinator for Round 2 of the Lizzie Kate exchange and one of my members did not receive for the round, so I jumped in as an Angel Stitcher and made sure she received an exchange piece.  I stitched this piece up for Lisa not even knowing how much she loved watermelons and she had a shelf in her kitchen with all fruit and vegetable tableware, and this is where she now displays this piece.  I'm soo pleased my choice fitted in soo well and that Lisa enjoyed it.

This second LK piece is one I stitched for Linda in Round 3.  I was originally going to make a pillow finish, but when I attached the top and bottom strips of fabric a vision of a cracker just jumped into my head, luckily I had some lace remnants in my stash and it came together from there.  Unfortunately you cannot see all the design in the photo, there is a balloon and party hat on either side of the writing aswell.

Thank you to everyone that has signed up so far for my RAK giveaways.  There is still plenty of time to get your name in, just see the previous post.

Until next time, happy stitching

Monday, January 11, 2010

My RAK Giveaways

Roll up, Roll up, invite all your friends!!

Would you like to receive a finished item stitched by me?  Well I'm offering up 3 RAK's.  I signed up for a PIF over at Andrea's blog, however instead of calling for PIF's myself, I thought I would treat it as a RAK gift to some of my wonderful stitchy friends out there who are kind enough to visit my blog.

My RAK's will be either a flatfold, pillow, pinkeep, box top, journal or similar finish (as I enjoy them the most) and I will stitch something that I think the recipient will enjoy ie. a favourite designer.

Just write a comment on this post if you are interested.  If I receive more than 3 names, I will have a drawing.
You have until January 25, 2010 to join up.

Until next time, happy stitching

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sharon's Xmas Ornie

I knew I had forgotten to post a picture of one ornie, and here it is!
It's the ornie that I sent to Sharon for Christmas.  Design is by Trail Creek Farm "Noel", stitched using DMC and on a piece of cream linen.

I have been stitching but they have been on some exchange pieces which I cant show just yet.
I also had to Angel stitch a piece for a member of the Lizzie Kate group who didn't receive in Round 2, so that piece is flying over the ocean now to its new home.
I am currently stitching a Valentines piece for a Private Exchange.  I havent signed up for anymore exchanges as yet, so when this piece is finished I might be able to get stuck into a WIP.

Until next time, happy stitching

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My SWAP parcel from Krizsti

I received a lovely parcel from Krizsti in the SWAP with Nina group.
She made me this beautiful wallhanging complete with a rather delightful holder.  And the wonderful extras she included were spot on!
The tube to the left of the picture contains some sticks and cones which are scented with vanilla, and the lovely silver items were made by Krizsti and include a book page keeper with an angel in a rich dark red colour, and a matching pin brooch.  She also included some chocolate which didn't make it to the picture as it was a rather hot day when the parcel arrived and the chocolate had to be eaten straight away! (Thats my story and I'm sticking to it. yum, yum).

Until next time, happy stitching

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 In Review!

Wowsers! What a year!  After adding up all my finishes for the year I was quite surprised with what I accomplished.

48 finishes in total.

30 for exchanges
13 for gifts
5 for myself

Well for the New Year I am scaling down on the exchange side. I have left some of the groups I was in and just stayed with the ones that I enjoyed the most.
I am hoping to complete my Hunt Sampler WIP some time this year and start on another larger project.
And finally I plan on doing the following:

2010 RAK'S

I plan on making three finished items and offering them out as RAK'S.  I will post on my blog shortly asking for interested people who would like their name included to receive one, I will then have a drawing if I receive more than 3 interested people.  Soo stay tuned!!!
Until next time, happy stitching