Friday, January 30, 2009

ASOE Winter Ornie & a Tag

Hi everyone, yesterday I received my ASOE Winter Ornie from Jill. She stitched "Winter Globe" by gazette94 on 36ct white linen with DMC, GAST, white beads and finished into a hanging pillow using #12 white perle cotton. I think its lovely and hangs beautifully on my ornie tree. Thanks Jill, I hope you receive mine soon.
I was also tagged by Melissa the other day, so now I have to mark down 5 addictions.
1. Cross stitch - of course, cant get enough of it.
2. Vampire movies and good horror movies.
3. Chinese food
4. My family
5. Winter - I much prefer it than any other season, I think I should have been born in Alaska!!

I wont tag anybody as it seems as if most of you have already been tagged, if not please feel free to take this prompt and use it on your blog.
BFN Friends

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Two parcels!

Yesterday was a great mail day for me. I received 2 parcels that I was really looking forward to.

First I received my SBEBB Winter House exchange from Ulla, she stitched me a beautiful hanging pillow, the design is CCN's "Winter's Eve". And she also included a lovely pattern by Tralala, a notebook and two chocolates that didn't make the photo as I had to put them in the fridge straight away as it is the height of summer here. Thank You Ulla, I love it all.
Second I received back a robin of mine that was just amongst 4 people in one of my groups. Cyndi, Jerry and Kay were the stitchers who worked on it for me. I love this PS design "In The Woods". I started off with the rabbit and then they completed an animal each and next month it is going out to another 3 friends of mine to complete the rest and then I will do the last animal when it returns. I plan on framing this one. I just love the subtle colours of it and its a calming stitch as there is no backstitch involved.

Happy Stitching.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

LK Exchange Received

I received my HOE LK Exchange from Suzanne and what a wonderful exchange it is.
She stitched "Spring Sampler" on 32ct Cameo Rose Belfast linen using DMC threads and finished it as a pillow. Also included in the parcel was a wonderful smelling soap, a cut of fabric, beads, two Ozark threads and some chocolates, which didn't make it to the picture. Yum Yum!
Thank you Suzanne, I love everything.
I'm hoping my recipient will be receiving theirs soon, maybe in the next couple of days. I was really pleased with the finish I did for it and cant wait to show it off.

I pulled out the snowman robin to work on last night, lots of white and light grey to work on on a pale linen, so I cant work on it for long periods without my eyes going funny.

I should have lots to show this week, I'm expecting my SBEBB Winter House to arrive soon, my ASOE Winter ornie and a Prairie Schooler robin of mine should be returning home, so the mailman will be loving me.

Until next time, happy stitching.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shepherd's Bush "Busy"

Well after all that exchange stitching, I have recently finished something for myself. I received a Shepherd's Bush kit recently in an exchange, so decided to give it a go. I have not used silks before, so it was quite a nice change, and they were very lovely to work with. I made a small adjustment by putting beads on the flowers but other than that everything else was done as per the design.

I finished the design as a tin topper, I had a round cookie tin that was calling out to be transformed (I had never done a round one before) and a lovely matching ribbon for the edge. I was quite excited by the result and I am not scared off round finishes anymore. I hope you like the end result.
My next stitching will be for a robin that I am involved in. It is for Cyndi, and the design is a row of seasonal snowmen.

Until next time, happy stitching.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SBEBB - Winter House

I heard from Becky K that she had received the SBEBB Winter House Exchange I sent to her. I chose a house from the LHN Snowflakes pattern and stitched it on a piece of 28ct light blue evenweave using DMC threads and finished it as a flatfold (my favourite finish) for her. I also included a small snowflake charm in the top corner. In her parcel I sent some silver bows, blue and silver ribbon, fabric, floss and a Mill Hill house button.

This was my final exchange with SBEBB as it is now closing down, I was only in the group for a short time but thoroughly enjoyed the exchanges I was a part of. I will definately miss it.

Last night I also finished my Shepherd's Bush kit and will have photos tomorrow.
Happy stitching

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Panda Pillow Ornie

I dont really have anything new to share with you at the moment, as all my stitching has been for exchanges and I am still waiting for them to be received before I can show photos.

I started on a small Shepherds Bush kit for myself to fill in between my next committments and its my first time using silks, which I am really enjoying.

I found this old photo I wanted to share with you of a Panda pillow ornie I made for my niece for Christmas 07. I was still stitching on aida back then and utilised a piece of rose pink for the design. My niece is a panda fanatic and I thought this was a lovely choice of design for her, its quite girly. It is an Isabelle Vautier pattern, and I incorporated some beads for that added sparkle and a pink/silver cording for the edge. I no longer stitch on aida, but it has to be one of my favourite finishes from when I did.

Enjoy and happy stitching.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Whoops, I forgot!

With all those ornie's I made in Nov/Dec, I was bound to forget to post a picture of one. Here is the ornie that I made for my friend Mary Jo in the US. I stitched the LK Joy ornie for her.
I started stitching on my ASOE Winter ornie last night, I have chosen a lovely PS design for this one, but thats the only hint I am giving.

Thankfully the aircon in my office is now working at full capacity again and I can survive the 9.00am to 5.00pm day here. Today it is 36 degrees and expected to be 38 on Sunday, its creeping closer to the dreaded 40's. We are considering buying a medium size pool that can sit under our patio, its not too deep, if your sat down, the water would come up to your shoulders, plus it would also help my son become more confident and get some extra time in the pool then just his once a week swim lesson. I would probably want to spend all day in it though and come out looking like a prune all the time, but it would be very nice and a huge relief from the heat.
So where ever you are in the world, keep cool, keep warm and enjoy each day.
Happy stitching

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Butterfly Robin

Between Christmas and New Year, I managed to finish off my CSRR group robin for Jerry. Its a 4 person robin and Jerry chose 4 season butterflies as his theme. I picked the Winter butterfly (as I was longing for Winter in this stinking hot weather here). There is only one more robin to stitch on for this group and that is Cyndi's snowmen.

I have stitched another two exchanges but I cant show photos yet until they get mailed and received. One is the SBEBB Winter House and the other is the HOE Lizzie Kate exchange, I really enjoyed stitching both of them aswell.

Well back to work for me unfortunately, it didn't even feel like a long break at all. I feel like I need another holiday already. The only good thing is that at least with work I am inside out of the stinking heat and in an airconditioned office, however, yesterday the air vent in my room decided to pack it in and I dont have any cool air flow coming through, aarrgghhhh. I have to suffer through another day and it should be fixed tomorrow. Roll on Winter pleeease!!!!!

Until next time, happy stitching everyone, and all you lucky ducks in in the UK, US and Canada enjoying your frosty Winters, I'm sooo jealous right now.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

New Year and new blog layout.
Wishing all my stitching friends a wonderful 2009, may your year be filled with happiness.
I have gone for a more tropical feel this time around with my blog, seeing as the weather over here is stinking hot and we are going through summer while most of you are making snowmen and cosy and warm infront of the fireplaces. (I'll swap you!!)
Two of my sidebar pictures depict two breeds of birds that I currently own and have built a large bird aviary in my backyard to accommodate. We still have some more to buy, but ranging from $80 to $200 a pair we tend to buy them gradually. We should be able to house 4 pairs, so we are thinking of a beautiful pair of yellow turqs and another breed of the kakariki parrot which has a yellow stripe on its head. All these parrots are classified as small parrots, and they have sweet chirping noises they make, not horrible screeching.
Next week I should have photos of my latest stitching finishes. I have managed to stitch a robin over christmas, my SBEBB Winter House exchange and my HOE LK exchange, mind you I can only put pics of them up when my partners have received, Sorry!!
Until next time, happy stitching dear friends.