Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Exchanges Have Landed!

I have been told by both of my partners that they have received the exchanges I sent them.

First up the HOE Mattress Pincushion to Gaby. I read through Gaby's likes/dislikes and picked up her love of strawberries, I chose the design which is by Heart In Hand called "Strawberry Song". It was my first mattress pincushion finish and I was a little nervous about the finishing, but thankfully it turned out really nice, and Gaby really loved it. I also included a CCN chart, some strawberry buttons, bag of charms, fabric, red ribbon and GAST threads.
My SBEBB Pumpkin Patch exchange recipient was Judith and I chose to stitch her another Heart In Hand design called "Autumn Bird" and finished it as a pinkeep. I actually added some leaf embellishments to the front just under the bird, but took my photos before that duh!! I included a Shepherd Bush chart called Pumpkin Stew, fabric, ribbon, pumpkin charms in a mesh bag and some GAST thread.
Over the weekend I finished up my MAW Mattress Pincushion for Sally, so as soon as it arrives to her I will post pictures. I also managed to stitch up another christmas ornie for my Crazy Exchange and finished up a small robin.

I didnt start anything new last night as the WWE CyberSunday Pay Per View Event was on tv and I had to watch my favourite wrestler Batista win the championship belt, woohoo. Its my husbands fault that I'm into the wrestling, as soon as we hooked up to Foxtel I had to watch it every Saturday and Sunday morning and I kind of got sucked into it, plus he always points out to me that I was the one screaming louder when we went to a live event one year, especially when Batista came out. hehe, no comment!!
Well happy stiching to you all and keep well.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Truly in Awe!

Yesterday I received the most amazing surprises in the mail. I am truly gobsmacked by both of these items, stitched by two very talented ladies.
First I received my SBEBB Pumpkin Patch exchange from Andrea and WOW. She stitched for me a JBW French Country Pumpkin design and made it into a bourse, using 32ct evenweave and WDW Terracotta. I have always been amazed at how these bourse's are made and I can now say that I own one. It is truly beautiful and I will treasure it always. She also sent me some Crescent Colours floss, ribbon for finishing, tassels and some great pumpkin fabric, and look at the cute hedgehog card she included. Thank you so much Andrea, I follow your blog in my sidebar and always admired your finishes, I am soo pleased to own one of your pieces.

Next, an amazing gift from Sandra. I stitched a PIF for Sandra and she sent me the following as a thank you. Sandra made this beautiful Shepherds Bush Antique Heart Needleroll for me using DMC threads on 28count evenweave, you can see the cute little silver charm on the front. It has been soo beautifully put together. I have also admired Sandra's finishes after seeing her photo album and am proud to own a finished item stitched by her. Sandra also included the cutest little glass hedgehog for me aswell, he takes pride of place in my growing hedgehog collection as my first glass one. Thank you for your kindness and generosity Sandra, I will never forget it and cherish what you made for me.

I am still waiting to hear if my partners for the SBEBB Pumpkin Patch and the HOE Mattress Pincushion exchanges have received them yet.
I have also finished putting together the MAW Mattress Pincushion for Sally, I am just waiting on her details and it will be off in the mail shortly.

I am thoroughly enjoying these exchanges and have signed up for two more, HOE Lizzie Kate and SBEBB Reindeer Games, how exciting, I prefer stitching for others and making up the exchange goodies more so than stitching things for myself, I do fit the odd thing in here and there but mainly stitch pressies for friends. I still have another 3 xmas ornies to finish and a snowman exchange so it definately keeps me busy.
Thank you all for stopping by. Until next time, happy stitching.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Final PIF Received

I heard from Laurie today that she has received the PIF I made for her.
The design was a freebie online that I just thought was soo different and I really liked the colours in it, I had wanted to stitch it for a while, so the PIF was the perfect opportunity.
Laurie says that it is the first pinkeep she has received.

I really enjoyed doing the PIF's this year and may look into doing them again next year.

I have just finished up another christmas ornie for a friend and just have to do the finishing on it. I am also still waiting for my floss that is on backorder so I can finish up my MAW exchange for Sally, I am hoping it wont take too much longer as the deadline is looming ahead.

My next start will be more christmas ornies, I think I have another 2 to go, and then I will have the Personal Snowman exchange to start.

Happy stitching

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another PIF received

Today I heard that Deb had received the PIF I made for her.

It is a mini biscornu that I turned into a fob and added a little flower embellishment to the top. It was a freebie design online and I used a variegated dmc floss and a small pink button for the middle.
Here it is:


WOW! A Great Mail Day

I had the best mail day yesterday, receiving 3 exciting things from around the world.

First up I received a beaut snowman from Jacq in the Netherlands, I entered a competition on her blog and was selected to receive a hand made gift by her, this gorgeous snowman is wonderful and I will definately be displaying him this year at christmas time. Thank you soo much Jacq, I will be treasuring this little guy.

Second, I received my HOE Mattress Pincushion exchange from Kate L, she stitched a sampler design on a lovely purple colour hand dyed linen, plus the extras she included will really come in handy. Thank you Kate.

And finally I received back a robin that was sent out last year when I was stitching on aida. It went out to 5 ladies around the world. I really like the final piece and I think I will make it into a long pillow when I dig my sewing machine out. The pattern was in an old cross stitch magazine and I liked the way that each girl could represent each lady that was stitching it, that is why I had them include their names above them.
I sent out my SBEBB Pumpkin Patch exchange and my HOE Mattress Pincushion exchange today, they are both off to European destinations. I will post pics when they are received.

Well I really hope you like my piccies today. Thank you to all for your lovely comments on my snowman robin, I am super pleased with it, the ladies did a wonderful job for me. Now to finish it.

I am currently working on some christmas ornies, 1 down, 2 to go and I have a personal Snowman exchange coming up that I have to think about aswell.

Happy stitching everyone.
Lisa V

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

HOE Needleroll & 1 PIF has arrived

I received my HOE Needleroll from Laura M today, she stitched a lovely design which is done mainly over one with alot of specialty stitches around the back, the sun is soo detailed. She included some charms and a Shepherd Bush chart called Busy. Thank you Laura, I really love it.

I also heard from Sandra that she had received the PIF I made for her. I chose to stitch her Hoppity by Stone & Thread, I really like this little design. I chose to make it into a tin topper and used some Six Strand Sweet threads for the colours instead of the called for choices, I really wanted it to stand out on the purple coloured linen. I am pleased with how it turned it and Sandra likes it to.
I finished my HOE Mattress Pincushion over the weekend and was really pleased with the end result, its the first one I have ever made and its definately more time consuming than other finishes, but a great joy at the end to see it all come together.
Enjoy your day and happy stitching. Lisa

Currently stitching on - MAW Mattress Pincushion for Sally.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My Perfect Snowmen!

As the heading says, My Perfect Snowmen have returned home. Yay!!! They were part of a 4 person personal robin with Angela, Jody and Eileen. I couldn't wait for them to return home as I was really interested to see how they looked on the evenweave I chose for them, its a beautiful pink hand dyed one which I received a while ago in an exchange. They turned out fabulous and I am really happy with them. Now I just have to figure out what to turn them into.
I also received my Designer Square exchange from Jody and she stitched me two small panels from LHN. They too are great, and now I have to work out what to make them into aswell.

My wonderful prize from Edgar arrived yesterday, he posted it in this large box, and boy did my eye's pop open when I saw it stood on my kitchen bench, WOW, I dont get many parcels that size so it was a real treat. The Motif Sampler kit that I won in his giveaway is just lovely and too nice to open and spoil, so I might just have to display it in the box in my stitching room. Thank you soo much dear Edgar for the lovely prize, I shall treasure it for a long time to come.

Currently Stitching on: HOE Mattress Pincushion - done front and back panels, now stitching side panels and will be ready to join.

Happy Stitching