Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My PIF's are done!

I have finished all three of my PIF's now and will be mailing out tomorrow.
Laurie, Deb and Sandra please keep an eye out in your mail boxes over the coming weeks for a little parcel from me. I chose to make something different for each of you and not make you all the same thing. I tend not to like stitching the same pattern multiple times. I made the three items and then chose which one to send to which person dependant on what your likes/dislikes are and what I think will suit you the best. I just hope that you will like them.
Please let me know as soon as they arrive.
Happy Stitching!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A New Robin & An Exchange Received

I have joined up in another 4 person robin and decided to use the Prairie Schooler "In The Woods" chart as my theme, the other animals to be stitched I will use in another robin eventually. I dont have to post out until October 3, but because of all my other exchange commitments looming I thought I had better finish it early. I really enjoyed stitching up the rabbit, the colours are so nice and subtle.

I received word today that Angela had received the Designer Square exchange I had stitched for her. Angela works as a librarian so I thought the chart was perfect for her and she did choose LHN as her preferred designer. I also sent along some silk lilac ribbon for use if she wants to make a pinkeep or bows to match in with it. I am pleased that Angela loved it and I cant wait to see what she makes it into.

I am currently working on my SBEBB Pumpkin Patch exchange, the design is all stitched now and I just have to add some small embellishments and then do the finishing. I will need to go to my local fabric store to pick up some backing fabric and also find some nice matching ribbon.

I was thrilled to find out yesterday that I had won a prize on Edgar's blog, its a sampler kit. Its my first time winning anything on the blog draws so I was "happy dancing" infront of the computer for a while.
Hope everyone has an enjoyable day, and until next time, happy stitching everyone.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

MAW Received

My Make A Wish has arrived from Terry P, I wished for anything Quaker. Terry wrote in her note that she wanted to do a different finishing that I probably didn't already have, well she was right, I dont have a ruler case/pocket. I would never have thought of a finishing like it, so it was quite a surprise. I love the colours she used and she even put my name down one end with the year and her initials.

Thank you very much Terry!!!
Unfortunately I couldn't get a brighter photo, it is very overcast today and it has been raining for hours, so this is the best I could do and it was right up near the window.
Until next time, happy stitching

Friday, September 12, 2008

Jody's Evenweave Robin

I finished up working on Jody's robin the other night and its all packaged up ready to go home to her. I stitched the top part of the boy and the branch and birds above him, it was a super quick finish as it had easy solid blocks of colour. Hope you like it Jody!!

For my other work I have finished up with Angela's Designer Square Exchange and that will be heading out to her shortly, also a small mini robin I have been involved in with my CSRR group. I have also now completed two of my PIF's.

I placed an order with 123stitch the other day which includes two patterns I have chosen for my SBEBB Pumpkin Patch exchange and my HOE Mattress Pincushion, so I am looking forward to receiving them.

I would like to end this post by saying..
"My thoughts are with all my stitching friends in the USA today and all those who lost loved ones, due to the events of September 11". We are a day ahead here in Australia, but each year I light a candle in remembrance of all those who lost their lives that day.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Needleroll Has Landed!!

The needleroll I stitched for Marie W in the Hoe Needleroll exchange has arrived and she likes all that I sent. It was my first exchange with HOE and I really enjoyed it.

M Designs - Home Sweet Home

32ct cream linen

DMC floss

Here are all the items I sent in her parcel.
I'm all excited now and can't wait to receive my needleroll in the mail. Hmm... I wonder what it will look like!!! I promise a photo when it all arrives.
I also couldn't help myself and signed up for Vonna's MMIRR, oh dear, I will have to get my designing brain cells working overtime on this one, I have no idea where to start, but I have always wanted to do one, so I will have to get creative.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my blog and my stitching finishes, I appreciate each and every one of you who take the time to visit my little lounge and leave me such lovely comments.
Until next time, happy stitching.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Robin Returns & 2 New Friends!!

I received a lovely surprise in the mail today - my Wannabee Bears robin had returned home from Jody's house along with some new friends. My Wannabee Bears was a robin between myself and three very good friends I have made through the stitching world, Angela, Jody and Mary Jo. I asked them to each stitch one of the bears and place their name underneath and when it returns I will make it into a wall hanging. I really wanted a piece that would be special, that I could keep forever, that they had all stitched on. All I have to do now is stitch in Mary Jo's name (as she forgot) and then find some material that will match in well for the wallhanging sides.

Well my special new friends in the parcel were these little fellows below, they are just too cute and Jody knows me well, hehe!!! She also sent me some lovely Silkweaver Peachy Keen 32ct Belfast linen, hand dyed thread, flower buttons, Heart In Hand - Christmas Bird and some other patterns. I feel very spoilt today and what a wonderful surprise - Thank you soo much Jody!!!!

I am currently working away on a Designer Stitched Square exchange that is between myself, Angela and Jody again, we listed 3 favourite designers and our partner chooses a pattern from one and stitches it up and sends it off. When received, we can then make it into whatever finish we like.

Time to go, take care everyone and happy stitching!!