Thursday, May 29, 2008

Biscornu Gift Received & Family Life

I'm not feeling 100% at the moment, sore throat and headaches galore are taking over my every waking hour. During the night my 4 year old son called out to me in tears saying that he had hurt his foot, he promptly went back to sleep and I didnt think much else of it until this morning - well, I was shocked to find his foot the size of a balloon and bruised quite badly, soo off to the doctors we went. After waiting an hour and a half to get in the doctor was pretty baffled, an xray showed no fractures but he couldn't get over how swollen it was and the bruising. Well we now have to rest (rest, a 4 year old rest, ha) until next Tuesday and see if the bruising and swelling goes down, if not its off to get blood tests done.
He is now sat with me at work waiting for his Dad to come and pick him up, and he is proudly showing off his bandaged foot to everyone that walks through the door.

On stitching news I received an email from my dear friend Angela in Canada that she had received the biscornu I had made for her as a surprise, I sent it back with a robin I had finished stitching. Angela likes cats, so I thought the pattern was just right and I tried the tassels as an experiment and was quite happy with them. We both have become biscornu addicts since attempting our first one together, here we were soo worried about even trying one and now we cant get enough of them.

Well thats really all I have to talk about today, I'm just trying to relax and get better at the moment, and hopefully my next post will find me all back to normal.

Bye for now


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lots to Share Today

Firstly I wanted to thank everyone that has popped over and left comments for me, I will visit all your blogs throughout the day and save you into my favourites.
I have quite a bit to share with you today, I had such a wonderful mail day that it felt like Christmas. First up I received my biscornu from Eileen in the UK from one of my Yahoo groups. She went with a nautical theme with the cutest little whale buttons in the middle.
Then I received two charts that I won in a game of Bingo with my Yahoo group. I got to choose charts to the value of $10 and this was my pick: LHN's "Acorn Hill" & Elizabeths Designs "Dear Friend".

I also managed to get two of my current robins finished. One is through the CSRR Yahoo Group and this robin belongs to Bren, she chose a fairy design with patterns from a cross stitch magazine. The other is an evenweave robin and it is my piece, I have chosen the design "Perfect Snowman" by Heart In Hand and sectioned it into 4 and I am using a beautiful hand dyed pink evenweave to be different.
And finally a tea towel I have finished in an exchange. This is going to Susan in Canada, hope she likes it.

Phew... I know it looks like heaps but they were all pretty quick stitch ups. The fairy was soo tiny 30x30 so it was one nights work and the tea towel was very quick as it had solid block colours together and was quite small also.

I am now working on my Fair & Square exchange block for my partner Laurie, but no hints I dont want to give it away.

Well time to go and start catching up on some other peoples blogs.
See you around.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My First Flatfold

For Mothers Day I found a beautiful pattern of some snowdrops with the word "Mother" twining through them and decided to stitch it up for my Mum. I was orginally going to do a pillow ornament finish with it, but I thought it would only be stuck in a drawer then, so on finding Vonna's tutorial on a flatfold I decided to give it a go.
The hardest part was finding matching fabric and embellishments at my local craft store as it isn't on the largest size. Anyway I was lucky enough to find a lovely rose/pink fabric, a mint green cording and some beautiful satin green ribbon and a larger brown/pink ribbon with flowers. I was amazed at the way it came together, it took me a while because I wanted everything to be perfect, but I love the end result. I also found a perfect purple dragonfly charm that I added to the front of the design aswell.
My Mum adores it and it proudly sits on her bedside drawer.
I will definately dabble in this finishing techique again, it is soo different, and a classy way to display your work and you can really experiment with your colour choices and embellishments.
Until next time
Happy Stitching

Friday, May 23, 2008

Taken the Plunge!!

Yes, I have finally done it, I have started up a blog. Gosh I just hope it turns out just as lovely as some of the blogs I visit.

To start with I would like to explain the main photo, it is a biscornu I just finished for an exchange. Stitched using DMC Variations and beads to match, its the first time I have used beads on a biscornu and I was quite pleased with the result.

Here is a photo of some ornaments I finished up over the last weekend. Stitched for me in a robin I decided to make them into individual ornaments instead of a wall hanging. I will place some more photos on here of my other recent finish probably tomorrow, as it is not saved on this computer.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time,

Happy Stitching