Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Couple of Things to Show..

Hi All, well it appears as if I am back to the land of the living with no more power cuts destroying my evening stitching sessions. YAY! Its really amazing just how much you rely on electricity and also how hard it is to keep a 4 year old occupied when he cant see his toys to play with and keeps asking to watch his shows every 5 minutes. If you can imagine two adults and a 4 year old sitting in a room playing shadow dinosaurs by candlelight and roaring and carrying on, that was us.

My F&S Round 8 squares were received by Diane M and I can now show them to you. I took different elements from LHN's "The Bookshelf" design to make the squares up, and just used DMC colours required (I think I changed the colour of one of the ladies dresses) and a white/grey coloured linen.

I also received my first Make A Wish exchange from Kate. I requested a needlebook as I havent received one before. Kate chose a Prairie Schooler design that was published in The Gift of Stitching magazine last February and modified it slightly to her liking. Its soo sweet, one side has the sheep and the other side has a swan and beehive, she lined it with a green mottled fabric and brown felt inside for the needles and it was finished off with a purple satin ribbon.

I am still working away on the needleroll for HOE, I think this one will take me a little while as it has a few colour changes here and there.

Hope you all enjoy your stitching time.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Finish

Over the weekend I decided to make the squares that Laurie sent me for F&S Round 7 into a pinkeep. I trimmed it with a silver toned cording and used purple/pink pins, and the ribbon on the top matched in well and I placed a silver and white pompom in the middle of the bow and used the pins to hold it in place. Different, but I like it!! Laurie's signature square is on the back but I forgot to take a photo.

Well we were without power the whole of Saturday and I couldn't even stitch because the weather is terrible at the moment and very overcast and the candles didn't throw enough light to safely stitch by. Even last night we kept having fluctuations with the power so it wasn't worth starting anything new. I managed to finish the flatfold that I am making for Karen on Make A Wish Exchange and went to my local craft store and bought the backing fabric and ribbons to match in with it. I will hopefully have that finished this week and mailed off, and then when it safely arrives with Karen I can post a pic.

I treated myself whilst at the craft store and bought myself a sewing machine, its only a basic one, just so I can broaden my finishing techniques and make wall hangings etc. I havent used a sewing machine since I was in high school, and it all looks pretty scary, but I'm sure I will get the hang of it after reading my little book and a few practices. I can also dabble in my quilting again which I used to do about 10 years ago but only by hand, now I can mix the two and be creative.

Well so far I have two takers for my PIF, Sandra and Laurie. I will still leave it open until Aug 1 just in case someone else comes along.

Thank you for all your comments on my award. I have met some wonderful people since being in blogland and I am soo glad I made that step into creating a blog a few months ago.
Happy stitching everyone.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

An Award For Me

WOW, I cant believe it.... dear Veronica has awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award. Thank you soo much, I havent been blogging for very long and feel very honoured to have this bestowed upon me.

Here are the rules for this award:
1) The winner may put the logo on her blog.
2) Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3) Nominate 5 blogs.
4) Put links to the blogs.
5) Leave a message for your nominees

So I now nominate the following people who's blogs I enjoy visiting, are just lovely people and make some beautiful stitching items.

Bye for now dear friends.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

PIF anyone??

Deb (Artistic Needle) has selected me as one of the recipients for her PIF and so I am offering the same from me to . . . the first three who post a comment on this particular blog post, if there happens to be more than three then I will do a draw. I will close it on August 1, 2008 and post recipients names here. The three selected will receive a handmade PIF gift from me within 365 days and the only condition is that they in turn do the same thing on their blogs.
If you do not wish to be involved in doing the PIF's yourself due to workload etc, then I do not mind fulfilling my end of the bargain by sending them as RAK's instead, so put your name down anyway. If I do not have three sign ups I will just send my 3 PIF's to three random people I know through the blogging world who have left previous comments or I feel like RAKing.
I just love stitching and finishing so I will make them no matter what.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Gift Received

My friend Jody in the States received the little gift I made for her and thankfully she loved it. YAY!!

She had mentioned she liked this designer, and this little freebie was the perfect size for the one and only Altoid tin I had sitting, waiting for something to adorn it.

It was a fun finish to tackle, so all I need to do now is get my hands on some more Altoid tins.

Designer - Casey Buonaugurio
Finish - Altoid Tin Topper
Natural 28ct evenweave, Required DMC threads

I have managed to finish my F&S Round 8 squares and will be sending them off to my partner some time this week, and have now started on a personal exchange which is a stitched square.

I placed a great order with Mary Kathryn from her Summer Inventory sale and I cant wait to get my hands on some of them. And I have also ordered some needle roll designs for the upcoming HOE Needleroll exchange, all the ones I had were either too plain or too big. So there should be some amazing stash hitting my letterbox in a couple of weeks. Cant Wait!!

Thank you all for visiting, until next time, happy stitching.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fair & Square Round 7

Yesterday I received my squares from Laurie. She stitched me a Pine Mountain Designs chart titled "Bless Ewe" using DMC, WDW & Gentle Arts threads aswell as a white rayon floss for the sheep which really makes him stand out.
Also in my parcel I received a zippered bag which Laurie made herself, some ribbon, floss and a CCN chart.

The ribbon she included has a beautiful purple/pink ric rac style one which is just gorgeous, i cant wait to use that on one of my finishes. Thanks Laurie.

Happy stitching everyone!!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Hi everyone, I dont really have much to report on this week. I am slowly getting better by the day, and can thankfully say that I am managing to get some sleep at night now. I cant believe how long this head cold is hanging on for.
I did manage to get some stitching done over the weekend, I finished my picture square for Diane in our F&S Round 8 and just have the signature square to do now.
Over the weekend I watched the final episode of one of my favourite series "Afterlife". I was soo disappointed to hear that they were not making any more episodes after the Season 2 final, I have thoroughly enjoyed this series. Well it was definately a tear jerker and I spent the final 5 minutes of it with tears rolling down my cheeks which is exactly the way I was with the episode before that aswell. When a show can fill you with that much emotion where you cant control your tears, to me that is an amazing thing and I will remember those final shows for a long time. Now to see if I can buy them on DVD!!
At least I have something else that I can continue watching that I love the subject matter of, Foxtel have finally started showing the series "Supernatural" which I had started to watch on our normal tv channels but when we hooked up to Foxtel had stopped. I loved every episode of this one too, so now I can watch them again starting from the beginning, ohh and you cant complain about the eye candy in this show!!!
Until next time, happy stitching everyone.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What a Weekend!!

Hi everyone, I had a very productive weekend and managed to achieve two finishes, however I can only show you one for now. I made a gift for a friend who does read this blog so I can't go into detail, it was my first attempt at this particular finish and I was really pleased with the end result, as soon as she receives it I will post a pic.
The second finish was also something I had never tried before, a no-sew cube, however mine is a no-sew rectangle. I finished this cute little pattern for myself and I can quite proudly say that it was also my first attempt on linen. I have been stitching on evenweave for a while now but never made that step to linen, but there had to come a time and I was quite surprised at just how easy it was anyway.

Stone & Thread - Hoppity

32ct pale green linen & DMC threads

Finished as a no-sew rectangle

I used the same ribbons as I used for my Mum's flatfold that I finished last month because I thought they matched in perfectly.

I also found out my new partner for Fair & Square Round 8 - Diane M, I am looking forward to this round and I hope I can find something perfect to stitch for you Diane.

On the home front I am still not 100% at the moment. I thought I was on the way to getting rid of that horrible sore throat and flu I had but it seems to have crept back with a cough now. Most disappointing I must say!! I am geting a little bit annoyed at the sleepless nights and banging headaches that are coming with it aswell. Oh well, these things are sent to test us arent they?

On a happier note I received my new (and 1st) thread packs for the LHN Little Women series yesterday from Mary Kathryn. Its soo cute and I look forward to getting stuck into it soon.

Now to go and find the next project to get stuck into!! Happy stitching to all.