Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My New Hedgehog Friend!

My good friend Angela surprised me and sent me this gorgeous hedgehog pinkeep. A freebie design from The Workbasket. I have been contemplating stitching it for myself for some time, but now I wont need to. He takes pride of place next to my computer at the moment.
Thank you Angela, he is cute!!

Well not much to report on the stitching front. I managed to get quite a bit done over the weekend but they were small pieces for some robins. I still have a few more robins to go before this particular group is finished and then it will be no more aida stitching for me. YAY!! I much prefer the evenweave now.

Time to make a move, happy stitching one and all.

Bye for now

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fair & Square Exchange Round 7

I received word today that Laurie my partner for this exchange had received my squares. Laurie had a really good profile written up of her likes and dislikes, so I chose her love of tea and the colour purple as my theme.

I really enjoyed this exchange and have already put my name down for the next round already.

Happy Stitching!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Needleroll & Stash

Over the weekend I decided to experiment a little and try a needleroll. I have a step by step tutorial which I kept looking at, then I would put it down with the typical saying "I'll try that another time", well this time I did it. I dont own a sewing machine yet, so I had to do the seams etc by hand, and even though the hem stitching seemed a little daunting and it was hard to follow the pictures of this method, I did finally manage to get the hang of it.

I was really pleased with the end result and feel confident making others. Here is a pic of my first needleroll.
I also managed to get some work finished on a robin, but it was too hard to take a really good photo of my section.

I also received my chart order from 123stitch. I'm really looking forward to starting on some of these pieces, I have plans for a couple and some of the others I just really liked the look of when I was looking through the site. I noticed after placing my order that I must have had a thing for bunnies that day, as alot of the charts have a bunny in them.
Stone & Thread - Hoppity, LHN - Wood Needlebook & Fob, JBW Designs - Rooster, The Trilogy - Happy Bunny Bunny Day, Lizzie Kate - Teaching is a Work of Heart, Cedar Hill - Berry Patch Rabbit, CCN - My Beloved and Prairie Schooler - In The Woods.

Until next time dear friends, Happy Stitching.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Fob For A Friend

Just a short and sweet one today ... I wanted to show you all a fob I have just finished for a dear friend of mine in the USA. I met Mary Jo on the flossmoms website when she adopted me. Since then we have formed a very close relationship and I treasure her as a friend. She is a cancer survivor and a truly amazing person. I like to surprise her with small gifts and this is the latest one I will be sending out to her. I thought it was quite appropriate with the lovely saying on the back. I added beads to the front and back just to make it stand out a bit more. I went with a green and blue theme, however, the tassel is a little more subdued colours as it was the only one that I could find that matched.

Do you think she will like it? I really hope so!!
Until next time dear friends, happy stitching.

Friday, June 6, 2008

You've Got Mail!

I love it when the mail man has a parcel or envelope for you that is too big for the letterbox, especially those padded bags or even boxes, they are just soo exciting to receive. Yesterday I received a large envelope, so it had to be charts!! It was the charts I had bid for on Ebay and won. I had been waiting for ages for them and they were only coming from within the same State, so it was due to someone not bothering to mail straight away (dont you hate that?).
Here is a pic of the contents:
Sisters & Best Friends - Spring Glory

Just Nan - Jump For Joy

JBW - Lamb

The Spring Glory one came with the beige evenweave and the Just Nan design came with the little rabbit charm which is really sweet.
I also received an email from Eileen in the UK to say she had received the biscornu I had made for her, it is the one in the main picture up the top of my blog.
I have some finishes but nothing I can put pictures up of yet. I sent out my Fair & Square Round 7 squares to my partner Laurie yesterday, I made a gift for a friends birthday coming up soon, I also stitched a fob for another friend but I didnt have the right colour tassel to add to it so that one is currently on hold so I am working on a bib for a lady I work with who is pregnant, she doesn't like cutesy babyish designs so I found something neutral and colourful and will post a picture when it is finished. (I was secretly happy about that as I really dont like stitching cutesy things anyway).
Until next time, happy stitching everyone.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another Birthday flutters by.....

Sigh... Yes another birthday been and gone in a flash, sometimes you feel like if you blink you will miss it. I cant complain too much though as I did receive money and that means I can go stash shopping, oh joy joy, I already have a list of goodies I'm after.

On the home front my son's foot has recovered well and he wont need to go for those dreaded blood tests now. It definately appears as if he just trapped it between the bed and wall and in the struggle he grazed it and that is what caused the swelling and bruising. I, on the other hand am still recovering from this horrid cold/flu, much better but its still hanging around in the background.

I will leave you today with a picture of the goodies my wonderful stitching buddies sent me for my birthday, I am soo honoured to have such wonderful friends. Thank you Angela, Jody, Eileen and Susan, you guys are the best!!

Bye for now